Can you trust your devices and data?

While offering tremendous potential for business transformation, revenue generation, and a host of other benefits, the Internet of Things also exposes organizations to new security vulnerabilities. And protecting IoT data collected from disparate and widely dispersed endpoint devices presents a myriad of challenges as well. One thing is certain: if you can’t trust the data, there’s no point in collecting it, analyzing it, or making business decisions based on it.

Thales e-Security solutions for the IoT focus on the fundamentals of device security and data protection. Our device security solutions, as deployed for companies like Polycom, Microsemi, and Samsung Artik, are based on installing a cryptographic root of trust sourced from a certified nShield Hardware Security Module (HSM). Combined with PKI software, they enable high assurance digital certificate-based authentication for the device itself, as well as providing a means to enable code signing functionality to validate firmware updates that deliver new functionality or security patches, and help prevent introduction of malicious code or other similar attacks.

Complementing our device-level solutions, data protection solutions from the Vormetric Data Security Platform provide certified encryption and key management for enterprise and cloud-based environments where IoT data will be aggregated and analyzed. When confidentiality and access control for large scale IoT repositories are needed, Vormetric Transparent Encryption enables data-at-rest encryption across a wide variety of environments.


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